No Essential Oil Chilli Pain Stick – The Habanero Chilli Pain Relief Balm


Unscented version of the chilli pain stick, does not contain essential oils.

By far the best pain balm we have ever made! We took the popular bees Knees Pain stick and infused habanero Chilli …….and WOW!

After weeks of human testing every person came back with incredible results.

One lady after a pregnancy had a very painful foot that after months of suffering it worked instantly and the pain did not return for 24 hours.

Another with a chronic elbow pain was headed to get a cortisone injection, she put it on and three hours later popped in and had completely forgotten she had an elbow problem and had full movement.

My neck pain after a motorbike accident is no longer an issue….it takes about 15 minutes for it to penetrate deep in the neck and as I am typing this I feel the pain gone.

Because it is in a wind up stick form there is no need to touch it or to massage it in…….it just goes to work. But remember do not over do it. Some times it takes a while before you feel it, and it is hot chilli so don’t overdo it. Just a small area is needed. I sometime use more but I like that very hot feeling.

Each stick is 60ml

There is an essential oil free option for pregnant women and people wanting no essential oils.


With the natural anti-inflammatory properties and muscle & joint pain relief of Habanero chilli, this stick
will be the go to when pain hits!

One application will last for hours, the chilli’s relief working with our all natural plant extracts to assist with healing and bruising.

Simply wind up the chilli pain stick to about 5mm and apply a small amount to the painful or inflamed areas.

Note: This product contains hot chilli. It is not suitable for children. Apply sparingly to a small area. Times vary on when it will kick in but it will. It is not to be used with areas that need a cold pack, example hot painful swelling.

Each stick is 60ml.

Additional information

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Dimensions 15 × 18 × 18 cm