I suffer from debilitating arthritis and migraines. I went to visit my good friend Angela Forman, owner of gourmet soap kitchen. I could hardly walk at the time and had knee guards on both knees. I have tried ever cream on the market and refuse to take heavy pain killers. Angela gave me her chilli pain stick to try. I couldn’t believe it. I had relief within minutes. Within 2 days of using it, I could even walk comfortably without my knee guards. I use it everywhere, and even keep one in my car. I simply cannot recommend it highly enough. Angela, your products are magical.

Sonia Myers

I have stage 3 breast cancer and I was in so much pain that I couldn’t sleep. I applied it to my breast and was able to sleep. I can be without it. 

Wendy B.

Amazing product…great for pain!!!!
Knee pain..any pain!!!

Jackie Skeen

Pain stick is amazing!!
Best thing I’ve EVER used -And believe me, I’ve tried EVERYTHING out there… 

Rachel Carson

I’ve been using the Chilli Stick on my throat each night and the pain from inflamed tonsils subsides.    Razor-blade throat symptoms disappear……letting Nature take her course with this brilliant product – thank you Angela Forman.

Penny Scott

This is good stuff


This stuff is amazing!! Easily the best topical treatment I have ever used -and believe me, I’ve tried everything on the market!! Convenient & mess free -the design makes it easier to apply in those difficult areas (such as your neck & back) by yourself & you don’t even have to get it on your hands!!


This is the best!!! Love love it. Today I have been on my feet for many hours and cramps started to happen tonight. A couple of swipes up my leg and relief soon followed. I carry this magic stick in my handbag. Wouldn’t be without it. Just magic.